About us

"The butterfly in Law Search Direct's logo represents change and growth, and the circle is a universal symbol of unity and infinity. Law Search Direct has gone from strength to strength in recent years due to its forward-thinking and desire to provide a service which is needed in these changing times."

As one of Northern Ireland's fastest-growing Law Searching companies, Law Search Direct offers an unparalleled professional service that is prompt, consistent and precise. Due to the advances in modern technology, we are now in a new era of E-business. Almost gone are the days of hours spent sifting through old books and documents by hand. Times have moved on, and Law Search Direct is a company specialising in the use of new technologies which have been introduced by government bodies over the past few years.

Our prestigious city centre offices have been equipped with the latest technology and our personnel are highly trained in IT. This allows us to move forward into a new generation of law searching, keeping us one step ahead of our competitors.


Law Search Direct aims to provide a high quality service, at the lowest possible rates. As many of our services vary in price depending on your prerequisite, we prefer to quote you on your specific requirements.

Why not avail of a mixture of our services and we would be more than happy to discuss discount rates.

Please email or call us with your query and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.

Email us at search@lawsearchdirect.com.