So, what exactly do law searchers do and what do they try to find out about? We provide an essential service to people by investigating and checking carefully the records to ensure that people own what they say they own and also that debts and mortgages on properties are properly declared before a buyer takes a property.

The basic reason for searches is that, under the Conveyancing Act of 1982, a purchaser must make reasonable enquiries about a property and its declared owner in order to have the protection of the law where vendor has not disclosed all relevant facts either about themselves or about the property. It is "buyer beware" at its finest. Virtually every conveyancing solicitor has experienced the client who has forgotten to disclose an unpaid debt or mortgage, but which is then disclosed by the searches at the completion of the sale.

Law Search Direct can provide the following searches to Solicitors, Banks and Financial Institutions, Debt Investigation Companies, Estate Agents, Developers, Investors and the general public:

Law Search Direct can help you: